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Empowering all voices to be heard,

and all stories to be told.

Every year we organize a non profit workshop with a different community. The goal is to empower filmmakers with difficult access to technology to provide them with tools and training in the art of crafting their own immersive stories.

One particular thing that we do in our 4Good workshops, is that we match the targeted creators with professionals all over the world to team up by sharing their skills and work together towards bringing the story to life.

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2021 - new african voices

In collaboration with New Images Festival we selected 10 African creators and we work with them over a period of two weeks where they had access to 3 virtual masterclasses (Value Proposition, Business Development and Pitching) + a feedback session with industry professionals and investors from HTC, Digital Domain and UN SDG Action Campaign amongst others. Read the full program here.

We came up with a shared manifesto about the "Power of Storytelling".

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2020 - my vr story_ filmlab palestine

In collaboration with the Spanish Embassy and FilmLab Palestine, we run a 4 weeks virtual program for Palestinian filmmakers based in Ramallah and Jerusalem to develop their first VR project. The best project, lead by Basta Theatre, will be shoot once conditions allow for international travel. All the VR material (camera and headsets) will be left behind at FilmLab Palestine.

Read the full program here.



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