"The only way to predict the future, is to create it"

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Taking failure as part of the process, we create an space for creators where to play, experiment, take risks, fail, and succeed!

Forge Allies

We facilitate the interaction between all the parties involved to work together towards a common goal (during and after Garage Stories).

Generate Solutions

With our eyes put into the future, we aim to create innovative solutions that can be implemented in the present.

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It is important to receive quick feedback before further investing in any of the projects and show the creative process.

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Other creators to innovate and create meaningful experiences with the insights generated at Garage Stories. 

Tell Stories

We want to create meaningful content that drives positive impact and helps communicate powerful message like never before. 


Having a lot of experience in forming multidisciplinar teams and sparkling collaboration and creativity amongst them, before getting started with the creative process we dedicate time and resources to get creators experience what it takes to work as a team: fluid communication, respect and cooperation.



Co-creation - shared ideas and common projects

Cooperation - building on top of each other

Communication - fluid and positive between all the allies

Compromise - with the project and the rest of the team

Respect - for each other and the other teams

Fun - enjoy the shared experience and the creative process

Passion - any idea able to make a difference comes from passion!

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We've gamified the process of creating the best teams for the purpose of innovation. Amongst other resources, we use theater games and other immersive experience to foment cooperation as the key for successfully overcoming the different challenges.


For example, for the Kick Off of Barcelona's festival, participants met their team members while playing "Vis a Vis", a theater game where they were secret agents working togehter to unlock a bank vault that cointaned a preciated trasure.



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Methodology - We’ve designed our own methodology inspired by some of the world most renowned innovation leaders. Our methodology i100% hands on and tailored to challenge the limits of what seems impossible and prototype it. 

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Creativity Boosters - We use games, demos, masterclasses and challenges techniques to sparkle creativity and the need to question the status quo amongst the participants.

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Mentors - We bring in pioneers and innovators who’ve managed to turn visions into reality. They help creators think with no limitations and bring out the best of themselves.

PHASES - lcd's


to innovate with

a purpose

Anything that we design today we'll have an impact in the future,  positive or negative. Projects make sense is a determined context, present or future, so before getting started, we encourage teams to define the future context in which they would like their project to be valuable. It attains a sense of responsibility and also helps keep coherence through all the process.

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4. DO

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In oder to build projects that solve real needs to should spend 90% of our time listening, experimenting,

questioning and being curious.

Only such a base will allow great solutions to come.

As Steve Jobs said, Creativity is the art of connecting the dots. We don't necessary need to invent something completely new, sometimes the greatest innovations come from being able to connect experiences we've had and synthesise new things.

It's better done than perfect,

therefore dare to try, to fail, to

try again. Success only come after many failures and comebacks.

Therefore we get into hands on

really early on the process to be able to validate and communicate the ideas.


5. share


Sharing your ideas you will always find more allies that enemies: partners and investors willing to help you bring your ideas forward if they can emphatize with your vision and test your compromise to turn an idea into a reality. We always link all of our events with a showcasing opportunity for the best ideas at relevant festivals.

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Some of our tools are available to download and be used at no costs for creators to work on their projects.


They all have Creative Commons license (CC BY-NC-ND) includes the following elements:

BY  – Credit must be given to the creator

NC  – Only noncommercial uses of the work are permitted

ND  – No derivatives or adaptations of the work are permitted






This tools is designed to help you draft the big picture of your project: what-how-why you do; as well as who is your audience, your potential allies and your potential sources of income.

This tool is an adaptation of the business canvas tailored to projects/ stories aimed at generating real impact.



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This tool is specific to VR projects, and its aimed at helping you understand and design the audience journey through your story: understanding your POI (points of interest), which CUES are necessary, etc.

If you are interested in learning more about our methodology, get in touch!