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1-10 june 2021

garage stories

for good

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The second edition of Garage Stories for Good will conduct a 1 hour weekly session between June 1st and July 8th in collaboration with New Images Festival.


Over a period of 2 weeks, we'll work with emerging African creators explore the potential of emerging media (VR/AR/AI/5G) to tell their own stories with a strong value proposition and helping them connect with other creators around the world interested to help them turn their projects into realities.

We will select up to 10 IDEAS to be part of the NEW AFRICAN VOICES incubator program, and they all will have the opportunity to pitch in front of a board of producers.


may 1ST - 16th

Open call for NEW african projects

We are looking for fresh ideas from emerging African creators, even if they still need to be defined, that are trying to push the boundaries of technologies to tell stories that honor and represent the African culture and diversity.


We will select up to 10 ideas and we will announce them by May 20th. You can apply as an individual creators or as a team.


This is open to anyone, even if you are new to this medium, we are looking forward to help you take you firsts steps into the Virtual Reality/ Augmented industry.

by May 16th!

and worldwide creators!

We are also looking for independent creators all over the world willing to join one of the selected teams and contribute to its development with their skills.

The pairing will take place over a matchmaking process (see below)

by May 16th!

may 26th - 31st

teams creation

We will announce the 10 winning ideas and talent will be able to apply for their favourite ideas. The creator will finally chose the team members that are relevant to the team to work on the project.

Last year, out of the 20 selected projects, 19 wanted new team members to join and we had a very successful experience matching participants and projects. In total, we had 114 creators participating in one of the teams and 190 people totally in the Slack Channel.

Read more here

All Hands In


JUNE 1ST at 18:30 cet


Session for participants to network and meet each other. We'll carry some ice breaking exercises to come up with a shared manifesto for the program.

June 2nd, 3rd & 4th  at 18:30 cet


We will organise three working sessions of 1 hour each via ZOOM with the help of renowned leaders of the industry. Team will also receive a shared drive folder with a personalised toolkit with all the relevant tools for remote collaboration.


june 2nd at 18:30 cet


Team will evaluate the potential of the idea and find new opportunities and room for improvement regarding the script, the user experience, theme and the overall value proposal.

Invited speakers:


june 3rd at 18:30 cet

business plan

We will organise three working sessions of 1 hour each via ZOOM with the help of renowned leaders of the industry.

Invited speakers:


june 4th at 18:30 cet


We will organise three working sessions of 1 hour each via ZOOM with the help of renowned leaders of the industry.

Invited guest:

June 10th at 18:30 cet

experts panel I



& concept development



Feedback session with Storytelling experts that will provide feedback to the different teams based on their value propositions.




PARTICIPANTS_Open to all sorts of profiles, even people getting started with emerging technologies.

TEAMS_ If you sign up with an idea, you can join alone, with a full team or with a team with missing members. We will also have an open call for professionals who don't have an idea but are interested in joining other's projects.

PROJECTS_ We are looking for projects at the ideation phase, no MVP needed.

EQUIPMENT_ Won't be necessary to bring any equipment for the workshop, all the platforms are free.


If you are a journalist or blogger interested in covering the event, get in touch here!