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Saas-I, Storytelling as a service for Impact startups
from Pre-Seed to Grow stage

Having a great idea was the first step,

building it was the second one,

now it is time to convince investors and/ or audiences
that your idea can really have an Impact.

Leveraging 7 years of experience as an innovation lab at the intersection of technology, community and storytelling, we are now opening our latest service to help impact startups (from Pre-Seed to Grow stage)
build a brand that connects with potential investors and audiences.


Whichever is the current stage of your startup, think about storytelling as the fertilizer that is going to help grow your idea to reach its maximum potential.

x _ inspire

x _ find allies

x _ grow a community

x _ have a real impact


When working with impact matters or new industries, you will soon realize that people aren't necessarily ready to change or embrace new trends. We can help you design a compelling_

x   identity; who are you? why should you exist? who cares about you? why? what are your values?
Outcomes: Brand Deck with key tag lines and messages

   branding; what do you look like? what colors suit you? how do you speak?
Outcomes: Brand DNA, Website, marketing templates for SSMM

   strategy;  what channels do you use to speak? what formats? what is your relationship with your audiences?
what allies do you need?

Outcomes: Full Brand strategy

why us

We were not born as a communication agency, but as an innovation lab
in a Hacker House in downtown Palo Alto by 2017;

we have been incubating new media (immersive and interactive) projects since then,
actively exploring the potential of the metaverse and other media trends,
and collaborating with market leaders such as MIT Media Lab, Magic Leap, Google,
Institute for the Future, United Nations, etc.

and organizing innovation labs for corporates and public institutions all around the world,
using innovation to communicate their values and engage new audiences since 2019;
Mobile World Capital, DKV, Coca-Cola, Generalitat de Catalunya, NY City Council, Norwegian Government, etc.

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our vision in 4 principles

x1 _ We should not only invest for safe returns, but for better futures

x2 _ The fact that no one has done it before, does not mean it is not worth it

x3 _  Use your talents to make a real difference in something you believe in

x4 _ Don'
t compete, collaborate

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