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Since 2017 we've been up to a lot of events. Explore them below!

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November 2022

Between November 1 and 19th, took place an intensive XR residency in Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, where 12 people from Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay came together to develop  AR and VR projects to foster the economic development of the area by visibilizing and providing tangible solutions to some key challenges unique to the most austral city in the world: Antarctic ocean, the green economy of the city and the cultural preservation of original cultures.


October 2022

Third edition of our collaboration with the leading documental festival DocsBarcelona. We organized two labs to help traditional filmmakers discover VR/AR formats so as to expand the universe of their projects. One of the labs was with the selected professionals, and the other one, DOC-U, with the new talent.

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February 2022

Project created in collaboration with Mobile World Capital Barcelona for grupo DKV to explore the potential of 5G and XR technologies applied to planetary. We aim at fostering new connections between creatives and technologists based in all over the globe to develop innovative projects that can reduce that can improve humans' health by taking better care of the planet. The winning project is being developed with DKV.

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June 2021

Second edition of Garage Stories for Good in collaboration with New Images Festival! We selected 10 projects lead by 10 emerging creators that we matched with international professionals to join forces with them to help them further develop their projects. The projects where presented in front of a group of experts, investors and producers who provided feedback to the creators.

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November 2020

First edition of our series of labs "Garage Stories for Good" where we aim to empower communities of filmmakers with difficult access to technology to provide them with tools and training in the art of crafting their own immersive stories.

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October 2020

Weekend lab with DocsBarcelona festival and three local universities to generate innovative narratives with emerging media for local NGO's to inspire collective action.


January 11 - 14th 2020

Participants were invited to work in teams and explore, imagine and design ideas for the future of the film industry - against the backdrop of the 30th anniversary of the Tromsø International Film Festival.  


June 21-30th 2019

Interactive film lab at NUFF Film Festival to explore the potential of interactive film to create engaging social experiences at movie theaters.

The team was formed with filmmakers and developers from Norway and Palestina.

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February 1st- July 19th 2019

We lead the design & conceptualization workshop of the first XR experience produced by the largest film school in Spain, ESCAC, the training ground of directors such as J.A. Bayona.

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September 8-14th 2018

We selected a few creative minds from radically different fields: filmmakers, 3D artists, developers, musicians, architects, psychologists, etc; to co-create a dual immersive experiences to be exhibited at the "Sitges Fantastic Film Festival". 


March 12-15th 2018

Workshop on "Designing Human Centered experiences" for immersive media at the "Creating Reality Hackathon" sponsored by the University of Southern California to explore what's next in the field of entertainment. 


June 3rd - 4th 2017

On the 3rd and 4th of June, we brought together in the garage of the Hacker House "Startup Embassy", a group of Filmmakers, Storytellers and Developers to co-create immersive worlds in a mindset of collaboration and spontaneity.

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November 2022

We designed the branding and the storytelling of the international event of HealthTech2030 to discuss the impact of emerging technologies in healthcare. We also led the Hackathon with +100 participants that took place the weekend before to work with challenges around mental health, cancer and rare diseases.


June 2022

In collaboration with Alchemy Immersive, we lead the immersive storytelling course of the New York University for International Students in London. Over a period of two weeks we visited some of the most innovative storytelling studios, such as the National Theatre Lab, and they developed their own project.


October 2021

Virtual workshop for traditional media creators (students and professionals), marketing experts, journalists and all sorts of curious minds to explore the narrative possibilities of emerging media and design innovative projects with the aim of promoting new visions of the future from different angles.
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May 2021

Project created in collaboration with Mobile World Capital Barcelona to explore the potential of 5G and XR technologies applied to paediatric healthcare. We aim at fostering new connections between creatives and technologists based in Barcelona and Boston to develop innovative projects that can reduce the negative impact of long term paediatric patients (and families) experience at the hospital.


November 2020

5 week incubation program you will explore the potential of emerging media (VR/AR/AI/5G),  improve your business acumen, and design innovative projects for impact.

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August 2020

With our partner VRTL Academy we organise monthly online workshops for participants all over the world to develop their first VR project, from idea to final pitch.


October 18 - 24th 2019

With the City Council of l'Hospitalet and the Smart City Expo Barcelona we gathered 30 participants from different fields to build projects with XR technologies to solve some challenges posed by citizens (equality, local business amongst many others)


May 17th- 19th 2019

Garage Stories run a 3 hours session "Cannes XR Challenge" with industry leaders and content creators attending Cannes Film Festival to generate visions and innovative projects within the film industry.


January 16-25th 2019

Lab to ideate and prototype innovative solutions with immersive technologies. In one week we designed an developed and MVP a learning experience for patients with limited mobility and a VR app to foster your creativity.


August 2018

We toured 3 of the main capitals of Central America: Mexico, Guatemala and Cartagena to gather the local community to generate innovative ideas to local problems with XR technology. Some of the projects were presented at TEDx (link to the video)


January 19- Feb 4th 2018

we brought together 28 creative minds: filmmakers, 3D artists, developers, musicians, architects, psychologists, etc; to co-create 4 immersive experiences to be exhibited at the biggest film show of the city "Salón del Cine y las Series".


October 2022

On October 15 and 16, we organized a "Laboratory-Festa Major" with locals and "digital nomads" from Tremp to co-design Catalonia's rural innovation and well-being hubs. We used AI to generate images that help us envision what the future that we want can look like. Participants ranged from 80 to 8 years old.

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April 2022

Third edition of Garage Stories for Good in collaboration with New Images Festival! We selected 10 projects from 8 different countries lead by 10 emerging creators that we matched with international professionals to join forces with them to help them further develop their projects. The winning project will attend the 5th edition of the festival in Paris.

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June 2021

City-scale design futures experiments where 50 young citizens of Girona
will use Augmented Reality to help their fellow citizens visualise the city they want to live in by 2030. The results
will be available during the Mobile Week Girona 2021 and accessed via a webapp.
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May 2021

Immersive HackLab organised by in collaboration with Immensiva and Be Another Lab to explore and work with emerging media to create experimental pieces that help us reflect on the complexity of human relationships and speculate on a future where technology helps us be more human.


October 2020

Second edition of the innovation lab of L'Hospitalet to co-create innovative stories that raise awareness, educate and engage to inspire collective actions to face the next decade challenges.

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May 2020

We organized a virtual incubator for innovative projects that foster new ways of audience engagement in a post COVID world with emerging tech. We had participants from all over the world working multidisciplinary teams.


June 21-30th 2019

With Overview Collective and the RLab we gathered technologists, storytellers and actvists to ideate and prototpye ideas to raise awareness and foster positive climate action with XR technologies.


April 27th 2019

With the Institute for the Future of Silicon Valley, we selected storytellers and developers to share their visions for the future and design the best use cases for XR technologies in the next few years.


November 12-17th 2018

We selected 24 creative minds from all over Latin America to come together and work in multidisciplinar teams to co-create 4 immersive pieces to be exhibited at the  Film Festival of Mar de Plata.


June 13-16th 2018

Workshop on "Storytelling & VR" at the "Sonar +D" where creatives from all over the world and diverse background such as music, film, tech and art got together to design and prototype their first immersive experience.


October 6th-9th 2017

 Workshop with 100+ participants on "Immersive Storytelling " at the "Virtual, Reality Hackathon" sponsored by the MIT Media Lab where technology is pushed beyond known boundaries and disciplines.

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