Do you have an idea for an innovative entertainment project?

cannes xr challenge online

Garage Stories and Cannes XR are looking for innovative entertainment ideas

that respond to the world post COVID and help foster new ways

of audience engagement using emerging tech (VR/AR/AI/5G)


We will select up to 20 IDEAS to be part of the CANNES XR Challenge,

and the creators will be paired with other professionals, looking

for new and exciting projects to get involved with.


may 12th - 24th

Open call for project ideas

We are looking for fresh ideas, even if they still need to be defined, whose creators  "ideators" needs a team and or collaborators. We will select up to 20 ideas and we will announce them by May 25th. One of the criteria for idea selection will be how well they respond to the challenges that the entertainment industry is facing now and will continue facing post COVID. You can join with a team or alone to be paired with other people who apply with relevant skills for your project.

may 12th - 27th


If you don't have any idea in mind, you can join anyways! We have an open call for professionals from all backgrounds (producers, developers, etc) looking for new projects to  get involved with. Once we've selected the 20 participating ideas, you will be able to chose your favourites and join one of the teams.




On our IGTV you will find 3 minute talks with different experts from the entertainment industry working with emerging technologies talking about the current challenges they are facing and trends and opportunities regarding new formats and audience engagement post COVID.



may 27th - 31st

teams creation

We will announce the 20 winning ideas and talent will be able to apply for their favourite ideas. The creator will finally chose the team members that are relevant to the team to work on the project.

June 3rd / 10th/ 17th

teams work

We will organise three working sessions of 1 hour each via ZOOM with the help of renowned leaders of the industry. Team will also receive a shared drive folder with a personalised toolkit with all the relevant tools for remote collaboration.


value proposal

Team will evaluate the potential of the idea and find new opportunities and room for improvement regarding the script, the user experience, theme and the overall value proposal.

Invited speaker: Rafael Pavón (in)

Creative Director & Producer VR/AR

Gloomy Eyes, Atomu, Melita, Fragments


business plan

We will organise three working sessions of 1 hour each via ZOOM with the help of renowned leaders of the industry.

Invited speaker: Lou Doye (in)

Executive producer

Royal Shakespeare Company & Magic Leap



We will organise three working sessions of 1 hour each via ZOOM with the help of renowned leaders of the industry.

Invited guest: Samantha G. Wolfe (in)

Marketing and business development 

Pitch FWD

June 21st 

Teams submit their pitch. The best 3 ideas will be able to present it at Cannes XR.

June 26TH


The 3 selected teams will have the opportunity to pitch their idea at the Cannes Award Ceremony at MOR (Museum of Other Realities) during CANNES XR festival and receive feedback from renowned mentors.

Mentors and experts coming soon!



The Guanajuato International Film Festival of Mexico -in collaboration with other LatAm curators such as Gabriel Giandinoto- will welcome the winners of CannesXRChallenge to present their ideas and will organise one to one meetings with potential investors and allies.


The international festival Stereopsia that places in Belgium, will offer the winners the opportunity to present their projects on stage as well as organise a one-to-one special session with VCs/investors/producers.


This wonderful group of mentors from different sectors, countries and backgrounds will be available on Slack to help you during the month of June to develop your project.



PARTICIPANTS_Open to all sorts of profiles, even people getting started with emerging technologies.

TEAMS_ If you sign up with an idea, you can join alone, with a full team or with a team with missing members. We will also have an open call for professionals who don't have an idea but are interested in joining other's projects.

PROJECTS_ We are looking for projects at the ideation phase, no MVP needed.

EQUIPMENT_ Won't be necessary to bring any equipment for the workshop, all the platforms are free.


If you are a journalist or blogger interested in covering the event, get in touch here!

Thanks for all your 100+ wonderful ideas!