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I Edition: Palestine

Nov 10th - Dec 10th 2020

"my vr story"



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With the support of

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In collaboration with the FilmLab Palestine “My VR Story”, was created to combines VR technology with our stories, and give audience the chance to truly be part of the narrative.

”MY VR Story” is a program tailored for Palestinian young filmmakers to create their VR story.

In total we will accept up to 8 teams (teams can be made of 2 to 4 people each). You can apply as a team, or as an individual. If you apply as an individual we'll help you find other suitable team mates.

The last day of the workshop there will be a presentation of all the projects, and a jury will select the best 3-4 pieces that will be recorded in 2021 with the help of International specialists.

Deadline to apply is November 8th!

Read the eligibility requirements here.


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We will release chapter 1 & 2 of the recorded tutorials.

live session: every thursday 18:30h eest


Picture credits UNTV.


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why vr

live SESSION 1

During the first session we will discuss the potential of the medium and which stories/ experiences can

we create with this medium better than any other one. We'll also look into different cameras and techniques. We will have Robert Hernández, USC teacher and founder of JoVRnalism with us.

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Robert Hernández (in)

USC Teacher, Founder JoVRnalism

We will release chapter  3, 4 & 5 of the recorded tutorials.


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my message

live SESSION 2

During this session participants will start building their story starting by defining what do they want to communicate, characters, locations, sinopsis, audience, etc! We will have Michaela Ternasky, Emmy award winning XR creator.


Michaela Ternasky (in)

Emmy award winning XR creator

We will release chapter  6, 7, 8 & 9 of the recorded tutorials.


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the audience journey

live SESSION 3

During this session participants will design the dynamics of the experience and the audience journey through the story.

Screenshot 2020-07-17 at 17.28.44.png

Picture by Bernat Armangué.

We will release the last chapter. Participants will start working on their final presentation.


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live SESSION 4

During the 4th live session participants will receive a masterclass by the filmmaker Pablo Mahave about pre-production and how to start planning for the shooting next year.

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Pablo Mahave (in)

ARVR producer and director

Participants will finalise their presentation. 


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live SESSION 5

Participants will presents their ideas and receive feedback from all the mentors.

A jury will select the best 3-4 projects that will be shoot in 2021 in Palestine with the help of international specialists.

On Stage

The winning teams will receive support to continue working on the pre production of their project.


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vr shooting

2021 in palestine

A team of professionals will travel to Palestine for a week to help the winning teams produce their VR projects (4 to 7 minutes each). Participants will be provided with professional support and equipment to film and edit their pieces in Palestine. Note that no extra budget for production will be provided to cover for actors/ travel expenses/ diets.



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eligibility requirements

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- Applicant can apply individuals or as team 
- Applicant must be from Palestine (residing in Palestine)
- Applicants must be filmmaker or any related field graduate or has a proven professional background in filmmaking. 
- Must be able to commit and attend all the program sessions and activities
- Female candidates are highly encouraged to apply. 
- Must agree to mention in the credit of the completed film “Developed in cooperation with Garage Stories and FilmLab Palestine".
- Must complete the application form online by the specified deadline. Applications received after the deadline will not be considered. 


our mission

The mission of "Garage Stories for good" is to democratise access to emerging technology and help filmmakers from all over the world tell their own stories.

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