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Veronica A. Rodriguez


Madrid, Spain

Main skill


Other skills

#production #VR #storytelling #marketing #creative

Interested in

Short term gigs: Consulting, workshops, speaking opportunities


Verónica A. Rodríguez Pérez (aka IamVR) is a communication professional specialized in virtual reality. She has a degree in Audiovisual Communication, a Master in Transmedia Storytelling and Branded Content and a Specialization Certificate in Virtual Reality Production. She has worked in branded content and marketing agencies and participated in various VR projects and companies, including the presentation of the XR Report on the state of the virtual and augmented reality industry in Spain in 2018 (Oarsis & TAD) and the organization of the Virtual Reality Day initiative (2018-2020. She has worked at XR startups (Oarsis, BeFootball VR), participated in 360 VR films and in hackathons (Garage Stories VR Storytelling Lab, Cannes XR Challenge, Latam New Voices). She works as producer and marketing manager in Out of the Blue Games on Call of the Sea VR. She’s also part of Real o Virtual, the main media outlet and hispanic speaking XR community since 2013.

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