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Nyambura M. Waruingi


Nairobi, Kenya

Main skill


Other skills

#xrproducer #artisticdirector #storyteller #gamedesigner #xrcurator

Interested in

Short term gigs : Consulting, workshops but also long term


Nyambura M. Waruingi is a storyteller across artistic expressions and the Founder and Creative Director of Akoia & Company Ltd. With over 20 years of international experience in creative and cultural industries, she experiments with unique ways to imagine new worlds through filmmaking, immersive storytelling and gaming. She founded Akoia & Company Ltd to produce projects whose raison d’être is eclectic, creative and artistic productions that transform our perception of the world around us. Akoia & Company Ltd partners with a variety of international cultural institutions, and innovative interactive & immersive production studios to engage authentically with audiences, provoke bold conversations, and produce visionary projects. Our mantra is: “The function of art is to do more than tell it like it is – it’s to imagine what is possible.” – bell hooks, Art On My Mind: Visual Politics (1995).

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