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Lee Harris


London, UK

Main skill

Storytelling/ Production

Other skills

#writing #directing# projectmanagement #design

Interested in

Short term gigs: Consulting, workshops, speaking opportunities / Long term gigs: developing a project


Lee is a multi-award winning, creative XR Producer across the slate of Electric Skies' projects. He has produced, co-written and directed a number of narrative driven VR experiences, telling stories in a way that has never been done before - exciting, engaging and educating users at home, outdoors, and in location-based environments. His production work on Glimpse picked up the top VR awards at Cannes XR and Annecy alongside others at Sandbox Immersive, Stereopsia Europe, Manchester Animation Festival and Aesthetica and Nashville Film festivals. His next production, Kindred, premiered at Venice Immersive in 2022 and continues to tour the UK as part of the StoryTrails exhibition, commissioned by StoryFutures. His previous career saw him picking songs for BBC’s Life On Mars TV show, redesigning SEGA’s publishing process and introducing new revenue streams to the iconic Football Manager series of games, before moving into XR in 2018. He has a background of commercially focused experience on multi-million dollar projects

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