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Lee Erdman


Los Angeles, USA

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#director #choreographer #performer #XR #visualartist

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Short term gigs : Consulting, workshops


Lee Erdman, MA (Distinction) ACTRA, CCA, DTRC Movement and visual artist, Lee attained her MA from Staffordshire University’s Film and Media Studies program and is an academic mentor and Skills Lab presenter for Raindance Postgrad. Lee set out to answer the question, “How can we capture live performance in digital media in a way that preserves the most alive-ness and somatic resonance for the audience?”. She developed her own MA learning path in 2017 to investigate how immersive media could hold the key and created a framework for creatives working in live performance to use to bridge the divide into immersive media. Lee is now focused on merging her love of both the visual and performance mediums in her work. She advocates for the inclusion of diverse collaborators from the arts as crucial to the development of immersive and extended technology which straddles the divide between dramaturgy and cinematographic practices and approaches. Lee is currently analogue (read painting and sketching) developing a narrative dance project in cinematic VR that centres around reconnecting with the earth as a pathway to healing, and landscape as a metaphor in the stages of feminist self-actualisation. She is currently in Los Angeles. Notable: Actor - “The Severance Theory: Welcome to Respite” (Ferryman Collective/CoAct) XR Project Participation Performance XR Canada, 2021/22 - Steering Committee Member Building a Digital Arts Nation Conference: “What’s Next?”, Nov 2021 - Panel participant The Virtual Dance Exchange Project, Nov 2021 - Panel participant Re:Naissance Opera Hackathon, Nov 2021 - Participant “Opera Reborn” Crimson Coast, “Our Hybrid Future” Symposium, Sept 2021 - Speaker “Immersive Media for Theatre Professionals” “The Severance Theory: Welcome to Respite”, Winner Raindance Immersive, Festival Run 2021- lead actor Dancers Transition Resource Centre, 2020 “Alumni Presents” - Speaker “360 Video for Dancers” Raindance Skills Lab, Postgrad Program, 2020 - Expert Presenter “A Cinematic Approach to VR” U of Antwerp Summer Intensive: “Storytelling in Virtual Reality”, 2019 - International participant

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