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Kombo Chapfika


Harare, Zimbabwe

Main skill

design, illustration, AR, 360 video, Unity interactive development, animation

Other skills

#drawing #painting #installations #interactive

Interested in

workshops, gigs, speaking opportunities


I am a multi-disciplinary visual artist, born and raised in Harare, Zimbabwe. I studied in Atlanta, GA. USA (BA. Economics 2006). A mostly self taught artist, I believe art transcends any singular medium and that each discipline informs the other. I have worked in animation, advertising, broadcast, web development, and fine art. This range has been pivotal to developing my artistic practice, technical base, and creative direction. My work explores the mutation of contemporary African culture as it adapts to modernity, and technological interconnectedness. I consider it a form of social commentary, using African and Western pop iconography, patterns, and surreal figurative elements. Curiosity and experimentation are essential to my creative process. My hybrid aesthetic echoes my personal journey, the ongoing cultural remixing brought on by globalization and mobility. I create art which expresses the immense potential and current dire straits of Zimbabwe, and Africa at large

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