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Julia Read


Vancouver, Canada

Main skill

#VirtualProduction #Production #ProductionManagement

Other skills

#CreativeDirection #ArtDirection #GameDesign

Interested in

consulting, producing, creative direction


Artistic Producer / Creative Consultant focused on streamlining process, distribution, publishing and international marketing of immersive narrative and gamified xR content. I work alongside futurists, visionaries, artists and creative technologists to deliver exceptional immersive experiences. Natural collaborator and community builder, comfortable in fast-paced settings, great at defining new processes and balancing ambitious design vision with strategic business objectives. I have partnered with some of the world's most progressive companies and cultural institutions spread across sectors such as xR, AI, game design, film & entertainment, art & culture, fintech, proptech, edtech, public safety, healthcare, CX, EX, charity & nonprofit, travel & recreation, music, sports and more. I am curious, perceptive, and have explored digital culture, vision technologies and speculative futures for most of my working life.

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