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3D Design

Other skills

#XR #Interactivedesign #Realtime #Visuals #Mapping #Fulldomo

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I am Carlos Montenegro, born in Argentina in 1989 in the province of San Juan. A small city located in the Cuyo region at the foot of the Andes Mountains, all life influenced by the mountains and the desert. He studied Graphic Design, Motion Graphic and FX, Visual Programming, Innovation and Digital Entrepreneurship. I am currently studying Java Script for Visuals - OpenFramework. I have designed content for animation agencies, design studios and advertising agencies, There I began to move around the world as a freelancer and collaborating on specific branding projects, advertising campaigns, magazine covers, animated spots, motion graphics, 3D, among others. I worked on various projects with companies from Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, USA, Spain, Switzerland, Germany. Parallel to this, I dedicate time to experiments and full artistic projects, such as installations, video art, net art. NFT, digital art. XR.

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