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Carina Nebula



Main skill

masterful creation at its finest

Other skills

#networking #innovation #entrepreneurship #strategicadvisory #streamliningoperations

Interested in

Collectors commissioning pieces, Consulting / Strategic Advisory, Collaborations for Win Win Women or Women's Global Alliance, Relationships with Philanthropists


Carina Nebula is a deeply compassionate and innovative visual artist, dedicated to unlocking minds through her transformative art. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Visual Art Studies from the University of Florida, with a minor in Innovation & Entrepreneurship, and is fluent in both English and Italian. Carina has an extensive portfolio, ranging from oil painting and ceramics to Virtual Reality and NFTs. Her work has been featured in notable exhibitions worldwide, including the Salvador Dali Museum as well as galleries in NYC and Italy. As the founder of Art Heals Earth Skool, a non-profit organization, she harnesses her art to create educational resources promoting holistic health and wealth for women and children. Carina's mission is to unlock one billion closed minds. She is a certified Global Master Mentor and consigliere who works in close partnership with Dr. Paula Noble Fellingham, the founder of the Win Win Women Network, Women’s Global Alliance, and Women Celebrating Life.

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