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With the aim to bridge the tech and creative industries, both ways, and foster the early adoption of new technologies, we are going to bring together a group of Filmmakers, Storytellers and Developers to prototype disruptive ideas in Mexico, Panama and Colombia through innovation and storytelling.

Following design thinking techniques participants (filmmakers, designers, storytellers, artists, developers, gamers, etc) will work in multidisciplinary teams of 5 to re-think local challenges (tourism, education, entertainment, mobility, etc) and propose innovative solutions with emphasis on content and storytelling.


The experiences will be showcased at a local open doors event where attendees will be able to experience first hand their ideas, and all the ideas generated will be collected and displayed at our digital gallery of "Entertainment & Innovation".

BitBooks_ Winning project of Guatemala at TEDx'18

Projects Gallery

Captura de pantalla 2018-07-30 a las 23.


White wall is a kit of extended realities with content from museums around the world with the possibility of individual or massive reproduction.

This project solves the time-space restriction space-time between users and galleries and democratizes the access to culture. It also helps reduce the digital and cultural gap and supports cultural diffusion as well as dedicates some of the incomes to preserve historical ruins and monuments (heritage preservation).



Maria Infante - Humann

Alberto Rodríguez - Ak Comunicación

Guillermo Legorreta - DreamoVR

David Díaz Medina - Wulf Media

Gilberto Balderas - GD Mexico

Margarita Guille - Ita Boutique Social

Edsel Anaya - Cuarzo Media

Captura de pantalla 2018-07-30 a las 23.

Choose Your Movie

App that allows you to watch movies that came out of the theaters some time ago at any theater at a reduced cost. You chose the movie, the theater, the time and the company!

This solution reduces the number of empty seat at regular projections as well offering the user the opportunity to watch any movie they want even if it's out the theaters.



Darío Urdapilleta - VirtualWare

Mario León - VirtualWare

Adriana Islas - Trebatu

Elidia Marcos - Trebatu

Adriana Herrera - Trebatu

Roman Ben Salem

Captura de pantalla 2018-08-27 a las 20.

Eso Va Cartagena

Eso Va Cartagena proposes to open a digital gallery with Mixed Reality on the walls of the old town of Cartagena de Indias to offer a more inclusive look into the city and promote its emerging artists.

It also offers a Premium service for those who want to experience real Cartagena beyond the gallery and you can book local experiences with the exhibited artists who invite you to know their ateliers and buy their work.



Rebeca Peña - Fundación Huella Sostenible

Clemetyne Chambers - TiCartagena

Eileen Martes - Sentidos de la Tierra

Valentina Gutierrez - Universidad de Cartagena

Captura de pantalla 2018-07-30 a las 23.


App that improves the experience of attending a concert by reducing the non quality time we spend queueing at the toilets, bar, etc. It also alerts you in case of incident and helps you find your friends in case you get lost.

Don't miss your favorite song!



Rodrigo Centeno

Daniela Burri

Erika Gutierrez

Juan Carlos Cuevas



BitBooks are interactive pieces of AR content that through storytelling foster experimental learning amongst students.

Each BitBook contains a short story that, in the shape of a story, invites students to join exciting expeditions, adventures, etc, to learn about different subjects such as Geography, History or even Maths!

The best part is that by pairs, or groups, students receive a different piece of content so afterwards they must interact between themselves so as to share what they've learn with each piece of content.

The team was invited to present their project at TedXGuatemalaCity -> video coming soon.



Denis Guerrero - Filmmaker

Alejandro Valenzuela - Entrepreneur

Holly Millán - Graphic Designer

Norman Vicente - Apps Developer

Captura de pantalla 2018-07-30 a las 23.


HyperCircus wants to create a new kind of interactive experience where anyone can feel the excitement of being in the circus as well as interacting with animals on stage and create hyper sensations and allow the introduction of mythological animals, dinosaurs on the scene as well as changing the role of passive spectator to active being able to see what the artist sees (the one who walks on the tightrope for example).


It uses a lenses that mix the different realities such as virtual or augmented reality, in order to increase the sensations within the performing arts.



Liah Violetta García

Jorge Esparza

Denise Velasco

Daniel Fragoso

Captura de pantalla 2018-08-03 a las 21.

The Game

The game proposed a new and more engaging form to consume news by combining digital notes with  geolocalized pieces of augmented content through the city -nearby your location-. It also offers a customized prizes -provided for our advertising partners- for those who collect points by unlocking the geolocalized pieces of content.


This "game" aims to trigger the habit of reading the news amongst young generations, and it also opens a road for new forms of information consumption. 



Andrea Mazariegos - Media Managers

Silvia Lanuza - Media Managers

Luis Lucano Brimaz - Media Managers

Cristian Ramírez - Media Managers

Pamela Avilés - Media Managers

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