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27 & 28th May 2023

Berlin and Barcelona are two European cities that stand out when it comes to entrepreneurship, sustainability efforts and creativity at large.

In 2023, we will organize a hybrid lab to bring together creatives and entrepreneurs from both cities to propose new ways to generate engagement and foster collective climate action. We believe that the combination of the business skills of ones, and the creativity and explorative mindset of others, can bring to life unique ideas.




The two winning projects will be presented at the Smart Cities Conference that will take place in Barcelona 2023.

local talent


climate action

The festival will bring together 20 people from Berlin and 20 people from Barcelona.

They will work in 10 groups of 4 people, 2 people from each city.

The program will have a hybrid format, half will take place online,

and the other half offline. All activities will take place after regular work hours

so everyone can participate.

the challenge

How can Barcelona’s and Berlin’s creative and entrepreneurial ecosystems join forces to foster collective climate action?

Both cities are committed to increasing their sustainability efforts, Barcelona is planning to reduce emissions by 45% by 2030 (link), and Berlin is planning to be climate-neutral by 2045 (link).

The labs want to build bridges between cities and industries and explore a wide arrange of ideas that can help achieve both of those goals. The resulting projects do not need to be startups, they can range from city-scale games, to communication campaigns, ways to foster cross-initiatives, etc.



March - April 2023 _ Open applications

Work Desk


May 23rd 2023

18h-20h CET

Kick-Off + Inspirational Session

> Round table

> Masterclass

May 25th 2023

18h-20h CET

Ideation Session

> Masterclass

> Teamwork

Screenshot 2022-12-26 at 16.38.27.png

in person

May 27th & 28th 2023

10-17h CET

Prototyping & Communication

> Field Work

> Teamwork

OUTPUT: Deck + prototype



Soho Store X Studio: Berlin

Torstrasse 1, 10119, Berlin, Germany


Soho Port Vell Studio: Barcelona

Plaça Del Duc De Medinaceli, 2, 08002 Barcelona, Spain


May 30th 2023 (online)

18h-20h CET/ 13-15h ET

Final presentation

November 7th -9th 2023 (IRL - Barcelona)

Presentation at Smart City Expo 2023

SMART CITIES_20220222120015.png

why we do this

The aim of the lab is to build bridges between Barcelona and Berlin citizens that can benefit from collaborating with each other as well as fostering connections between industries. Also, we aim to promote local talent as well as raising awareness about climate action and generating ideas that could potentially be implemented.


The festival is open to anyone interested in meeting new people (locally and from other cities), creating new synergies between Berlin and Barcelona but also between the entrepreneurial and artistic worlds to foster collective climate action and make their city more sustainable and green.

We are looking for people from very diverse backgrounds, ages, and skills, but mostly entrepreneurs and creatives ( new media artists, designers, painters, etc) focused on sustainability.

Join us, we can guarantee you won't regret the experience!


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