due to covid 19, all of our labs have been postponed to fall 2020 or moved online

immersive filmmaking (360) @

filmlab palestine



Ramallah, Palestine

Four days workshop for young filmmakers from Palestine to experiments and explore with 360 video format to be able to tell their own immersive stories. The projects will later be exhibited at Film Days Palestine in October.

Participants will work in teams to script, shoot and edit 3 to 4 pieces of 360 video with the help of experts. The aim of the event is to teach Palestinian filmmakers new forms of storytelling to be able to create and share their stories in a more immersive format that helps them depict their reality in a more accurate form.

More information coming soon.

interactive documentary for impact @

docs barcelona

OCT 2-4


Barcelona, Spain

Innovation laboratory with XR technologies for the development of narrative experiences with XR technologies (VR / AR / MR) that help raise awareness and disseminate the objectives of local non-profit entities aiming to solve social and environmental challenges.

For the lab we will select a total of 50 participants  (students from UPC, ESDI and Blanquerna) and relevant professionals to work in multidisciplinary team to ideate and prototype their project. The winning team will present their project within the frame of DOCS BCN 2020.

More information coming soon.

l'hospitalet-xr - 2nd edition

ajuntament de l'hospitalet (bcn)

OCT 16 - 22


Barcelona, Spain

For second year, Torre Barrina (Ayuntamiento de L’Hospitalet) and Garage Stories will join forces to organize the festival L'H <> XR. Together we want to put innovation in the hands of everyone, bringing together people from different artistic disciplines and different degrees of knowledge to design innovative experiences with XR technologies (virtual, augmented and mixed reality) to foster the SDGs (sustainable development goals) that we have established to 2030.

This year we will launch an open call to the citizens to submit the challenges that participants will work on during the festival. There will be a total of 30 participants and 6 multidisciplinary teams that will the help of experts will work on designing and prototyping solutions to the differnt challenges. The festival will take place in different emerging spots of the city, and the final presentantion will take place at SMART CITY EXPO.

More information coming soon.

xr filmmaking @

eictv san antonio de los baños, cuba




Four days workshop for young filmmakers from the internationals film school EICTV in Cuba to experiments and explore with XR technologies to be able to tell their own immersive stories. The projects will later be exhibited at the Film Festival of l'Havana

Participants will work in teams to script, shoot and edit 3 to 4 pieces with XR technologies the help of experts. The aim of the event is to foster innovation within the Cuban ecosystem and generate new forms of storytelling to be able to create and share their stories in a more immersive format that helps them depict their reality in a more accurate form.

More information coming soon.

Garage Stories opened its doors for the first time in 2017 in Silicon Valley

as an open lab for content creators to explore and build powerful

use cases with emerging technologies, mainly XR (VR/AR/MR),

but also related ones such as AI and 5G.

open lab
garage stories

Open lab to push the boundaries of the unknown. 

IMPACt series
"We cannot be what we can't imagine"

Presented at AWEXR19/ Nominee Best use XR technology CES 2020 (DreamlandXR)

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SIA is a mixed reality solution build with Magic Leap to empower people with cognitive disabilities become more independent. Via augmented characters and stories, SIA moulds the world to your abilities and guides you through daily tasks and routines.

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Cristy Stone - Research Lead

Eric Flowers - UX Designer

Noreen Qureshi - Product Manager

Darius Clarke  - VR/AR Developer

Ewan Johnson - Entrepreneur

Presented at Nordic Film Festival 2019

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NUFF Club is an interactive movie design for large audience and movie theatre where decisions are democratic and the audience succeeds or fails as a whole in getting the main character into exclusive NUFF Club. The experience is complemented with real life awards for the audience upon their performance and real out loud screaming.

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Hanna Suni, Margaretta F A Orkan, Stian Andreassen

Charlotte Kristiansen, Amenallah Hraghi - Filmmakers

Simen Fjellstad, Rico Soleng - Developers

Ali Jabaly - Artist & Graphic designer

Presented at SmartCityExpo19/ 

Supported by L'H (Barcelona) City Council

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LaiApp creates volumetric sculptures of local inspiring women who might not appear in history books, but who've done highly relevant things in their neighbourhoods. LaiApp wants to preserve their stories and inspire future generations.

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Carolina Gaona - Storytelling Lead

Moisés de Abreu - VR/AR Developer

Carles Ribot - Volumetric Video

Presented at TEDx Guatemala 2018

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BitBooks are interactive pieces of AR content that through storytelling foster experimental learning amongst young students. Each Bb invites them to join exciting expeditions, adventures, etc, to learn about different subjects such as Geography, History or even Maths! Each BitBook contains a piece of the whole story, allowing kids to exchange knowledge and interact between themselves.

#guatemala #education #storiesxfuture


Denis Guerrero - Filmmaker

Alejandro Valenzuela - Entrepreneur

Holly Millán - Graphic Designer

Norman Vicente - Apps Developer

Presented at Climate Week NYC 19

Impact Forum19 (BCN)


Inspired by young climate activist Alexandria Villaseñor and Greta Thunberg, StrikAr offers the possibility to join demonstrations remotely via your personal avatar anywhere in the world to show your support.

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Richard Gene Farmer - Producer

Luis Felipe - AR/VR Developer
Chris Kaczmarek - UX
Sweksha Sinha - Design & Tech

Christy Casey - Acting
Ahsan Qureshi - Marketer

PREMIERE @ Apolo 2 during MWC18

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Mettre en Lumière is a collective theatrical piece that combines Virtual Reality and Immersive Theatre.

Audience is invited to the famous music club Apolo in Barcelona (we all have embarrassed ourselves at least once there), where they have the option to review their memories and, possibly, delete them. What does Apolo know about you?

#barcelona #entertainment #LBE


Actresses: Esther Noya, Núria Pascual
Creators: Ignasi Rubio, Júlia de Balle, Alice Labourel, Marcos Palazzesi, Diana Perdomo, Marc Perich Calvet and Alex Arellano Roldan.
DOP: Adrián Ruíz del Cerro, Futura VR
Sound: Victor Marín and Maximiliano Martínez
Postproduction: Jesús Rodríguez, Antaviana Films


We create multidisciplinary teams of creatives and technologists and apply  design thinking  techniques to unlock creativity and generate and prototype disruptive ideas that open doors to new worlds of possibilities.









of possibilities


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Since June 2017 we've organized many workshops around the world and created impactful projects that have been exhibited at some the largest film festival such as Cannes Film Festival or conferences such as TEDx.

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