Innovation lab committed

to building a better future

with emerging media.

We work with private companies and public institutions,

bringing together content creators, technologists and entrepreneurs;

to generate visions, products, stories and community to foster a positive impact.

Hackathons, labs, workshops, incubators, you name it! We take care of the design, marketing, production, methodology and execution of the events. 

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Our approach to innovation and consulting is a bit different to traditional agencies.

We are not here to tell you what to do or how to be successful.

We are here to gather the best talent to dream with you.


"Our experience proves that if you bring together enough players who could benefit from bringing one idea to life, it is very likely to become a reality"

Building spaces for collaboration is what we do best. Our expertise is connecting talented humans, brands and institutions to generate groundbreaking ideas. 

The Clients and Sponsors 

"The ones that have the power

to escalate the ideas"

The Creatives

"The ones that come up

with the ideas"

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Public institutions

Content Creators



Zebra Startups

Research Groups



The Knowledge providers

"The ones that set the context

for ideas to be impactful"

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Our line of tailored products and services innovation labs' for the world of tomorrow. We curate the events to the smallest detail to guarantee the perfect fit of the results to your needs.




How can we Make children's stay at the hospital as enjoyable and less traumatic as possible?

hack the hospital

5g transatlantic lab


barcelona        boston

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 21 - 23 may 2021

5G Transatlantic Lab is a yearly lab created by Garage Stories and the Mobile World Capital Barcelona to explore the potential of 5G and XR technologies applied to paediatric healthcare. We worked with the innovation unit of Hospital Sant Joan de Déu (Barcelona) and Boston Children's Hospital (Boston) to bring together 300+ creatives and technologists based in Barcelona and Boston to develop innovative projects.

The two winning projects were presented at MWC'21 at The Mobile World Capital Stand and will be developed at both hospitals during 2021/22

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But we don't only need to innovative when it comes to products,

if we are aiming to truly have an impact, we also need stories that help change narratives

and behaviour patterns to fertilise ground for change.

"It is not about who wants change,

it is about who wants TO change"

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Change is not easy, it can be challenging and uncomfortable.

We make it our mission to find ways to engage citizens be part of a collective transition

to a better future that we all wish for.

We foster the creation of new narratives to raise awareness, educate and engage to inspire collective solutions using the potential of emerging media to create more immersive, interactive, social and personalized stories in order to boost their impact.

But we don't do this alone, we work hand in hand with leading brands who've made positive change their mission too.

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Series of events to educate about the "Designs Futures" methodology and empower people to dream about the future they want to live in. We can't be what we can't imagine.


also, meet our rebel child

In 2021 we partnered with the Regional Government of Catalonia to gather local young people of Girona to use Augmented Reality to intervene in 6 physical spaces of the city to project their visions in terms of Sustainability, Mobility, Culture, Health and Peace.


We also edited a magazine with articles from 2030 to help audiences to understand the visions that the participants proposed for the city.

Click on the magazine

to read them.

City-scale design futures experiment with AR
to design the Girona of the Future.
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Stories are humankind's most powerful tool, and we want to use it for the best.

Our labs and events empower people to harness the power of storytelling for good.


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In 2019, for NYC's Climate Week, we partnered with the RLab (NYC Media Lab) to organise a weekend lab to generate ideas to foster citizen engagement to change and commit to better patterns for sustainability. 

The same year we worked with L'Hospitalet (Barcelona) City Council to

build new narratives related to seniors, eating patterns, shopping local and education.

We celebrated a second edition in 2020.

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Listen · Connect · Do · Share

We follow a structured process that aims to bring to life ideas that are:

#Impactful (how many people can it reach/ how much impact can it bring)

#Innovative (how much is pushing the boundaries of what we know)

#Feasible (economically and technologically)

#Visionary (they draw for a clear vision for the future)

Read more here.

tools & techniques

We have developed several tools based on design thinking, design futures and creativity techniques to help multidisciplinary teams of strangers find common ground, make the most of each other's skills and generate disruptive ideas that open doors to new worlds of possibilities.

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Our techniques use different senses, from embodiment experiences to more classical brainstorming sessions, to awake all the different intelligences in our body: verbal, visual, mathematical and kinesthetic.



Learn more.


Board game to build impact into your stories.

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Talent is our most important asset, and since 2017 we have cultivated a community of 1000+ creatives all over the world who have participated at some point in one of our labs. We are always looking for ways to help them network and connect with potential employers or collaborators.

f you are a creator and would like to be part of our community, join here.

If you are looking for talent for a specific project, get in touch here.

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our story

Garage Stories opened its doors for the first time in June 2017 in a Hackers' House Garage in downtown Palo Alto. We gathered employees from some of the most well-know companies in Silicon Valley such as Apple, Magic Leap, Adobe, Facebook, Google or Disney to discuss and explore the potential of emerging media, such as Virtual Reality, and its storytelling possibilities.

"Our Garage is a mindset,

a collaborative space where to playtake risks,

fail, and eventually,

come up with truly ground breaking ideas"

Despite our original intention to set up a physical space, we've become a nomad traveling lab, creating spaces for innovation virtually and in person in EuropeNorth America, LatAm and Africa. This is some of the cities that have hosted us so far: New York City Barcelona Tromso Sitges México City Cartagena de Indias Tallin Girona Los Angeles Guanajuato Silicon Valley Cannes Guatemala San Francisco Boston L'Hospitalet Mar de Plata.

Some of our projects have been presented at TedX, such as BitBooks,

developed in 2018 in Guatemala City.

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A garage is place to push the boundaries of the unknown.

We want to work with brands and institutions that share our values; and we want to co-create with you new stories, visions and products to raise awareness, educate and engage to inspire collective solutions.

wanna play with us?


We have offices in

Barcelona · New York City

But we work globally

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