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Nicolai Villas Gajda Østergaard


Copenhagen, Denmark

Main skill

3D Generalist

Other skills

#3DModeling #XR #Unity #Unreal #Texturing

Interested in

Short term gigs: Consulting, workshops, speaking opportunities. Also long term.


My name is Nicolai Villas Gajda Østergaard, and I am an experienced 3D Artist, with a bachelor’s degree in 3D Modeling from Truemax Academy. I have now been working with 3D for over 4 years, helping companies such as KHORA and PortaPlay develop, create, and design exciting and cutting-edge 3D & AR/VR solutions. I am currently employed at a Copenhagen-based AR/VR production studio, where for the past 2 years I’ve been the Lead 3D Artist. Daily, I am responsible for creating high-quality, optimized 3D models and textures, as well as setting up various Unity assets for real-time AR/VR experiences. Being the lead of my team, taught me to take care of additional tasks, such as pipeline optimization, client relations, recruitment and team management. As a versatile and skilled generalist, I am highly experienced in everything from modelling, texturing, light baking, animation, and unwrapping. I am fluent in softwares such as Maya, Unity, Unreal, Substance Painter, SparkAR, Pixyz Studio, Lensstudio, and Photoshop. As an open-minded, creative, friendly, adaptive, confident and result-oriented person, I have strong attention to detail and a positive and open mindset toward my work and colleagues. I always aim to improve myself and am open to learning new things and skills.

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