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Let's foster innovation and positive impact together. We'll invite your potential clients to the party.

We take care of the design, marketing, production, methodology and execution of the events. We also offer incubation and project development services as well as education workshops. All tailored to your specific needs.


October 2020

Second edition of L'HXR with Hospitalet City Council to create stories that educate and inspire collective actions to face the next decade challenges.

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October 2020

With DocsBarcelona festival and three local universities to generate innovative narratives with emerging media for local NGO's to inspire collective action.


September 2019

We gathered technologists, storytellers and actvists to ideate and prototpye ideas to raise awareness and foster positive climate action.



Talking about the future is important. Let alone understanding it and the role that we, as individuals and a society play in it. We organize events where we use games, systems and methodologies that enable a dialogue about the creation of the future and the impact that current political, cultural, environmental, and technological developments play in it.


We later use this insights to craft shared visions about our desired future and we use creative ways, such as Augmented Reality interventions, to inspire other humans to dream with us.

Use Cases:


#teamwork   #designfutures   #methodology   #futureplanning 

Public institutions:

#youthengagement   #citizencollaboration   #education

Past events and clients:

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June 2021

City-scale design futures experiments where 50 young citizens of Girona
will use Augmented Reality.

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May 2021

Exploratory lab to create experimental pieces to speculate on a future where technology helps us be more human.


May 2019

Session with industry leaders and content creators to generate visions and innovative projects within the film industry.



We love imagining and bringing to life all those products and services that can help us get once step closer to the future we dream with. For that we organize labs, hackathons and all sorts of events to carefully design innovative projects that make the most of new media and new technologies.


We work in projects with a heart, making sure the outcome is beneficial for our client and society at large. For that reason, we make sure to involve our target beneficiaries from the very first moment.

Use Cases:


#innovation   #newproducts   #newservices   #methodology   #newtechnologies 

Public institutions:

#innovation   #citizencollaboration   #newproducts   #newservices   #education

Past events and clients:

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May 2021

In collaboration with Mobile World Capital Barcelona to explore the potential of 5G and XR technologies applied to paediatric healthcare. 


April 27th 2019

With the Institute for the Future of Silicon Valley, we selected storytellers and developers to design the best use cases for XR technologies.


August 2018

We toured Mexico, Guatemala and Cartagena to gather the local community to generate innovative ideas to local problems with XR tech.



tThis is one of our greatest passions and purpose driven missions: educate about the importance of stories in order to change build a more fair, sustainable and inclusive world; we need to create new narratives that help us fertilise ground for change.


We organize labs with content creators and technologists to come up with new and engaging media formats that help make behaviour change easier. The results can take many shapes: from games, to apps, to experiences, exhibits, you name it!

Use Cases:


#innovation   #marketing   #engagement   #newmedia   #brandambassadors   #fans

Public institutions:

#innovation   #citizenengagement   #education   #awareness   #inspiration

Past events and clients:

education & incubators

We are a community driven organization at heart, and we are constantly organizing educational workshops to grow and connect a community of creators and technologists around the world.

We organize labs for clients and as well as directly.

Use Cases:

Universities/ Film Festivals/ Foundations/.Other:

#innovation   #education   #methodology   #newmedia   #inspiration

Past events and clients:


October 2017

 Workshop with 100+ participants on "Immersive Storytelling " at the "Virtual, Reality Hackathon" sponsored by the MIT Media Lab.


November 2020

5 week incubation program to explore the potential of emerging media (VR/AR/AI/5G), and design innovative projects for impact.

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August 2020

We organise monthly online workshops for participants all over the world to develop their first VR project, from idea to final pitch.


March 2018

Workshop on "Designing Human Centered experiences" for immersive media at the Hackathon sponsored by the University of Southern California.


June 2018

Workshop on "Storytelling & VR" at the "Sonar +D" with creatives from all over the world and diverse background such as music, film, tech and art.

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May 2020

Virtual incubator for innovative projects that foster new ways of audience engagement in a post COVID world with emerging tech.


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Do you have a better idea in mind? We are looking forward to hear about it and work with you to make it a reality! Get in touch at hello (at)

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