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Nov 10th - Dec 10th 2020




With the support of

During the month of November we will run an online program for Palestinian filmmakers to learn the craft of VR storytelling with the help of international mentors. The pieces will be shot early 2021.

Participants (a total of 15) will work in teams of 3 developing their first VR project.

The course will follow recorded online tutorials with Garage Stories methodology and tools + weekly live session via Zoom to discuss and feedback the stories.

Participants will also have access to a pool of mentors that will guide and follow their progress via Slack.



We will release chapter 1 & 2 of the recorded tutorials.

live session: every thursday 19h eest


why vr

live SESSION 1

During the first session we will discuss the potential of the medium and which stories/ experiences can

we create with this medium better than any other one. We'll also look into different cameras and techniques. We will have Robert Hernández, USC teach and founder of JoVRnalism with us.

Robert Hernández (in)

USC Teacher, Founder JoVRnalism

We will release chapter  3, 4 & 5 of the recorded tutorials.


my message

live SESSION 2

During this session participants will start building their story starting by defining what do they want to communicate, characters, locations, sinopsis, audience, etc!

We will release chapter  6, 7, 8 & 9 of the recorded tutorials.


the audience journey

live SESSION 3

During this session participants will design the dynamics of the experience and the audience journey through the story.

Picture by Bernat Armangué.

We will release the last chapter. Participants will start working on their final presentation.



live SESSION 4

During the 4th live session participants will receive a masterclass by the filmmaker Pablo Mahave about pre-production and how to start planning for the shooting next year.

Pablo Mahave (in)

ARVR producer and director

Participants will finalise their final presentation. 



live SESSION 5

Participants will presents their ideas and receive feedback from all the mentors.



our mission

Since early 2015, VR experiences have been widely used by humanitarian organisations such as the United Nations to drive positive change. They allow for a higher level of empathy by placing the viewer in the middle of the scene, making them part of the story.


BUT, story is always written by the winners.

Why don't let its main characters tell their own stories?

Our workshop aims to train and empower Palestinian Filmmakers to let the world experience

what is like to be on their shoes.

It's time that they tell THEIR own stories.

It's time that you LISTEN to their truth.