From the 12th to the 17th of November we brought together 24 creative minds from all over Latin America to co-create 4 immersive experiences in the period of a week to be exhibited at one of the most important film festival in Latin America "Mar del Plata International Film Festival". 

The Immersive Rally at Mar del Plata was one week long, and participants came from all over South America to learn, explore, prototype and push forward the film industry. The first day participants got to meet each other and teams were formed so as to come with 4 multidisciplinar and competitive teams of 6 participants. The second day took place the ideation phase and the open casting, and the third day we started with 3D models and rehearsal. The 4 shooting took place the following day and each team has 1 day and a half of edition before the big PREMIERE at the VR Space of the Mar del Plata Film Festival where people from all ages gathered to experience the different pieces that were presented altogether with a small installation related to the content of each piece.


Marta Ordeig

Founder @GarageStories

Rachid El Guerrab

DOP, CEO @Immersive Films 

PEARL, 2016 - Oscar Nominee

Jose Celestino Campusano

Director @CineBruto, Cluster PBA

Brooklyn Experience, 2018

Carina Rodríguez

Immersive Rally Producer


Ramiro N. Alvarez

Director, Sound Expert, CEO @RNA Films

Cluster BPA

Eduardo Labollita

AR Expert, CEO @POYO

Teacher @Image Campus

Ariel Aurelio

Director, Sound Expert, CEO @RNA Films

Cluster BPA

Gabriel Giandinoto

Director Immersive Rally

VR Curator