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Ten students from the Estonian Academy of Arts were selected to take a one week Lab to ideate and prototype innovative solutions with immersive technologies. In one week we designed an developed and MVP for an immersive game, a learning experience for patients with limited mobility and a VR app to foster your creativity.

The Estonian Academy of Arts opened its doors to host a one week long Garage Stories for 10 of its students to design and prototype 3 projects with immersive technolgies. This was the outcome:

The Last Hour_ An app based game that combines virtual, digital and physical clues to create an immersive detective game where you have to guess the author of a crime. VR is used to travel to the scenes described by the main suspects and to sharpen our observation skills to decide who's the murder.

The Eye of Learning_ An immersive learning experience for patients with reduced mobility to learn a language. The patient, from a lying down position, can enjoy 180º content where he's becomes the animal of his choice and learns a language through tests that unlock the different scenes of a story.

Inspireeri Mind (Inspire Me)_ VR app to boost your creativity. With voice commands you wander through different sets of pictures where your gaze is being tracked to start filtering the new images based on your -unconscious- decisions till you've created your perfect mood board.


Asset 10.png

Marta Ordeig

Founder @GarageStories

Asset 10.png
mike ramos_edited.jpg

Mike Ramos

Interaction Expert @EKA


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