Experimental laboratory to explore
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curious media

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curious minds x new media


Virtual workshop for students and professionals to explore the narrative possibilities of emerging media and design innovative projects with the aim of promoting new visions of the future from different angles.

Participants, up to 50, we'll be a mixed crowd of local and international creatives, and they will work in teams to explore different formats and develop their own ideas to foster impact with media.

With the help of renowned speakers and mentors, they will finalise the lab with a teaser + pitch deck of their project

that will be shared and discussed with a group of experts from the MIT Open Documentary Lab, that has recently started its Co-Creation Studio, which brings storytellers, technologists, and scholars together to explore new documentary forms with a particular focus on collaborative and immersive storytelling. 


calendar: may 25-28

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We will organise three working sessions of 1 hour each via ZOOM with the help of renowned leaders of the industry. After each session there will an activity to be completed by each team to work towards building their project.

After each masterclass, participants will stay to work on different exercises so as to build their story.

SESSION 1: may 25th_ 6h - 9h pm (cet time)

design futures

Which potential do have stories to shape our vision of the future? Lance will share with us his experience at the forefront of the intersection within tech and art and examples of how media influences the future.

Invited speaker: Lance Weiler (in)

Storyteller working in film, tv, theatre, games & code

Founding Member & Director Columbia University Digital Storytelling Lab

SESSION 2: may 26th_ 6:30h - 8:30h pm (cet time)

new formats

Which new opportunities is technology unveiling for creators? Aleissia will share with us new formats, and trends that are reshaping the media industry.

Invited speaker: Aleissia Laidacker (in)

Director of Creative Technology at The Mill

Former Magic Leap, Ubisoft

SESSION 3: may 27th_  6:30h - 8:30h pm (cet time)

production x impact

How do our production decision affect the impact of our projects? Michaela will share with us best practices, learnings and insights about the production process of emerging media for impact.

Invited guest: Michaela A. Ternasky-Holland (in)

Emmy & Webby Award-Winning Experiential AR/VR

Creative Producer & Consultant

SESSION 4: may 28th_ 15:00 - 21:00 h pm (cet time)

team work & final presentation

May 28th, participants will work on their project with the help of mentors and at 19h CET will start the final presentations + discussion of the projects and visions with group of experts from the MIT Open Documentary Lab, that has recently started its Co-Creation Studio, which brings storytellers, technologists, and scholars together to explore new documentary forms with a particular focus on collaborative and immersive storytelling. The participants based in Barcelona are welcome to join the facilities provided by DOCS BARCELONA (CCCB).

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who can participate

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Creative minds from all walks of life (designers, writers, coders, actors, theatre professionals, filmmakers, etc!) interested in discovering new forms of storytelling, connecting with fellow creators around the world and willing to explore the potential of emerging forms of media to foster change and share the future.

We welcome participants from all over the world, aiming for 50% based in Barcelona or nearby, and 50% internationals. The course will be in English.


Spots are limited and are going to be filled on a rolling basis. The cost to participante is 35 euros.


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Imagination as a tool to heal the wounds of the past. One way to overcome the past is to understand it and not forget it. The recovery of historical memory is essential so as not to fall back into the same trap. Can we through new narratives increase this fashion experience that is not only imprinted in our brain memory but also in our emotional one?

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Audiovisual as a weapon to denounce injustices. If the audiovisual in general and the documentary in particular have the potential to denounce and make us aware of unjust realities, can we use augmented reality to increase our empathy? Could these new narratives be a tool for transforming social documentaries, from the act of denouncing, to actively fighting, by appealing directly to our mirror neurons?

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What place do humans occupy within the ecosystem of planet earth? We are aware that egocentrism or Eurocentrism is unreal. However, it is often difficult for us to look away from this way of doing and thinking. Can the new audiovisual narratives applied to the documentary help us to feel more connected to nature, to feel that we are one more part?

mit open documentary fellows

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about docsbarcelona

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From 18 to 30 May, the Barcelona International Documentary Film Festival will take place in cinemas in the Catalan capital and at Filmin


The twenty-fourth edition of DocsBarcelona will adapt to the current context of the pandemic with a hybrid format. From 18 to 30 May 2021, it will combine screenings at the Center for Contemporary Culture in Barcelona (CCCB) and at the Cinema Aribau in the Catalan capital with online programming for all of Spain through Filmin. This indispensable annual event for lovers of documentaries will also arrive in theathers in the province of Barcelona, through the "DocsBarcelona a prop".


community partners

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