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garage stories


360 workshop for Palestinian filmmakers to
learn the craft of VR 360 immersive



Since early 2015, VR experiences have been widely used by humanitarian organisations such as the United Nations to drive positive change. They allow for a higher level of empathy by placing the viewer in the middle of the scene, making them part of the story.


BUT, story is always written by the winners.

Why don't let them tell their own stories?

Our workshop aims to train and empower Palestinian Filmmakers to let the world experience

what is like to be on their shoes.

Over the course of a week we will train up to 10 filmmakers to develop 2 VR pieces that will be Premiered at Film Days Palestina. Filmmakers will also gain access to VRTL online courses previous to the workshop, and all the materials used

during the workshop will remain at FilmLab Palestina.


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Inspiration & Ideation

June 8th

Participants will be able to experience few experiences and explore the potential of such medium - which stories are natural to VR 360? What value does this add?


June 9th

Filmmakers will start working on the script of their stories and experimenting with spatial narratives logic.


June 11th

The whole day will be dedicated to shooting the 2 pieces (each will be a total of 5 minutes)


June 12 - 14th

Work on the editing of the piece + reshooting when necessary. We will also experiment with adding some interactivity to the stories and creating branching narratives when needed.

Pre production & Testing

June 10th

Last details before the shooting: props, actors, rehearsals and first cameras tests on the ground.

Final Screening

June 14th

We will organize a screening of the two movies and filmmakers will keep working on the project till its Premiere at the film festival "Days of Cinema"


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Marta Ordeig (in)

Storytelling & Innovation

Founder @Garage Stories

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Aida Bresolí (in)

Producer & Photographer


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PARTICIPANTS_Open to all sorts of profiles, even people getting started with XR technologies

TEAMS_ Done by the organisation, pairing projects with relevant professionals

PROJECTS_ We are looking for projects at the ideation phase, no MVP needed

EQUIPMENT_ Won't be necessary to bring any equipment for the workshop


If you are a journalist or blogger interested in covering the event, get in touch here!