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March 2023




Brooklyn and L'Hospitalet are two industrial cities that have reinvented themselves thanks to  art and creativity, that has allowed them to become drivers of innovation.


In 2023, in collaboration with both City Councils and local organizations, we will organise an inclusive innovation lab, BK x LH, to take one step further and explore how art, technology and innovation can continuously help both cities be their best selves for their citizens.

The festival is open to everyone (read more here),

willing to...

transform challenges



The festival will bring together 20 people from Brooklyn and 20 people from L'Hospitalet.

They will work in 10 groups of 4 peoplebeing 2 people from each city.

Teams will be split even between both challenges.

The program will have an hybrid format, half will take place online,

and the other half offline. All activities will take place after regular work hours

so everyone can participate.

the challenge

Brooklyn and L'Hospitalet are places that evolved from industrial areas to hip neighborhoods thanks to art and its artists. That with time has brought an increase in prices that has pushed many of them to move out. So how could the different neighborhoods and the cities continue supporting the artists and provide them opportunities to develop, promote and generate new business opportunities?


“New Futures” by GreenPoint EARTH x Li-Hill in Brooklyn, New York


How can we make both cities more affordable for artists? What strategies can we follow to make sure those places continue to be welcoming?


"Alegria, Fuerza, Libertad" by BTOY in Bloques Florida, Hospitalet


How can those places provide new opportunities for development, promotion, and even new business opportunities for artists?

Implicit in the challenge is to further explore how can we foster

local change for global impact


Jan 10th - March 19th 2023 _ Open applications


March 23rd

18h-20h CET/ 13-15h ET

Kick Off + Inspirational Session

> Round table

> Masterclass

March 28th & 30th 2023

18h-20h CET/ 13-15h ET

Ideation Sessions

> Masterclass

> Teamwork


in person

April 1st & 2nd 2023

15h-21h CET/ 10-16h ET

Prototyping & Communication

> Field Work

> Teamwork



Brooklyn: BK Navy Yard

63 Flushing Ave, Brooklyn,

NY 11205, United States


L'Hospitalet: Torre Barrina

Parque de La Marquesa, Carretera de Collblanc, 67,

08904 L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona, Spain


March 28th 2023 (online)

18h-20h CET/ 13-15h ET

Final presentation


The festival is open to anyone interested in meeting new people (locally and from other cities), learning about new technologies and squeezing their creative juices to generate ideas for their cities to use art and tech to make them more liveable, sustainable and fair.

We are looking for people from very diverse backgrounds, ages, and skills (design, storytelling, marketing, tech, psychology, business, architecture, etc!)

Join, we can guarantee you won't regret the experience!

Colleagues at Work

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