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Did you know that...

March 2022, as the Arctic entered its spring, it was 30 degrees celsius warmer than usual.

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The danger is twofold: heatwaves at the poles are a strong signal of the damage humanity is wreaking on the climate; and the melting could also trigger further cascading changes that will accelerate climate breakdown.

There's a rising need to kick start some action, and this is our grain of sand (or rather, cube of ice).

Together with New Images Festival and TVIBIT (Tromso), we are putting together a year-long project between creators and scientists to ideate from scratch and produce an immersive project (with the use of emerging technologies such as VR/ AI) to show the impact of climate change in the north pole. 


how will it work

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Teams are international and cross-disciplinary,

they are composed by three people each. 

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Hybrid program with 3 main stages_

Phase I _ ideation:

MARCH 2nd - 30th '23

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One-month online program where 15 to 18 new media creators will be formed into teams of 3 people. Teams will work remotely following Garage Stories' methodology to come up with an innovative idea to be developed throughout the year.

They will also count on the support of polar scientists to help with relevant information and data to design their project. At the end of the program, only one team will be selected to further their project.

Speakers and calendar:

There will be a 2 hours LIVE masterclass via zoom once a week with guest speakers + revision of the projects. Participants will also have access to pre-recorded content an online tools.

March 2nd_ KICK OFF + TRENDS masterclass with MICHAELA A. TERNASKY (Emmy & Webby Award-Winning Experiential AR/VR Creative Strategist & Consultant)

+ Value Proposition masterclass with MARTA ORDEIG (founder Garage Stories).

March 9th_ STORYTELLING masterclass with RACHID EL GUERRAB (Founder, Former Google Director of Engineering and Emmy-Award Winning/Oscar Nominated).

March 16th_ PROTOTYPING & BIZ MODELLING masterclass with CARLA GANNIS (Artist, Designer and Industry Professor at NYU Integrated Design & Media).

March 23th_ PITCHING masterclass with MARTA ORDEIG (founder Garage Stories) + rehearsals.

March 30th_ FINAL PITCH in front of a jury that will select the winning idea.


Phase II _ development:

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june 4th - 11th '23

All the group will reunite in person in Tromso to work for a period of 10 days at the emerging media studio of the city to start building the prototype. They will also have the opportunity to meet in person with local experts and to document all their ground work.

About Tvibit (

Tvibit is a cultural and creative hub, production centre, competence centre, meeting place and café, all under one roof. It is a place to help people develop their creative talents and ideas, with particular focus on youth culture, music, film and media, creative businesses and creative application of technology. Tvibit is part of Tromsø municipality and is located in the city centre.

Facilities and milleau

Tvibit is offering the workspaces at their Media Lab/Makerspace which includes a powerful media workstation for rendering projects or laptops, high-speed broadband, 3D printers, mocap suits and VR headsets as well as conventional media equipment. The artists will also have access and work closely with Kreativ Teknologi staff members at Tvibit who can assist them during their residency and be involved in networking events run by Arctic Stories. 


Phase III _ presentation:


They will have the opportunity to present their project at New Images Festival 2024.

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About NEW IMAGES Festival

Forward-looking and cutting-edge, NewImages Festival provides a fresh approach to innovative creative techniques. It closely embraces all revolutions that transform and reinvent the art of storytelling. More than that: it goes beyond them.

Yesterday Newlmages Festival was a pioneer in the domain of virtual reality. Today it celebrates XR in all its diversity. What about tomorrow? Tomorrow, other formats will come, formats we may not be able to fathom yet… Mapping, binaural sound, and maybe more to come!

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Ready to join?


Whether you are a creator, fill out the application below to join this unique program! Requisites to apply:

  • Be between 18 - 35 years of age

  • Be based in a European country

  • Able to travel to Tromsø, Norway from the 4th to the 11th June 2023

  • Have valid passport and/or visa requirements for travel to Norway


If you are an ARCTIC scientists who would like to share their knowledge and provide support to the teams, please join here:


If you are a company or a public institution and your are interested in getting involved, get in touch!

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